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What is a Layup? - NBA.com: Jr. NBA

A layup is a shot near the basket, usually off the backboard. For a layup, you run towards one side of the basket, jump, and lay the ball off the backboard into the hoop. Practice layups from both...

NBA Flashiest Layups of All Time - YouTube

In this video you'll see some of the NBA's flashiest and best layups of all time including a wide variety such as reverses, 360s, jelly layups, etc. Featurin...

How to Do a Layup in Basketball (6-Step Guide)

“A layup is the action of a player dribbling towards the hoop, taking two steps, and then laying the basketball into the hoop off the backboard.” For a traditional layup — this is correct. With that said… There are MANY variations of a layup (I’ll share 7 of them with you later in this article) and no two in-game layups are identical.

Best Of Jelly Layups | 2019-20 NBA Season - YouTube

Check out the best jelly layups from the season so far! Drop your favorite jelly fam moment below!Subscribe to the NBA: https://on.nba.com/2JX5gSN Full Game ...

NBA "Smooth" Layups 🍇 - YouTube

DISCLAIMER // All clips are property of the NBA. No copyright infringement is intended // THANK YOU FOR WATCHING - LIKE, COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE~~~~~...

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A Lay Up Tip That Every Youth & NBA Player Needs

This is a great tip, basic basketball 101 that kids should be learning in 1st, 2nd, 3rd grades. Having coached youth for many many years I've observed a couple things regarding layups. Those who can dribble in with head and eyes up, make more layups. Those who dribble with head and eyes down, miss a lot of layups.

Layup Skip Drill - Jr. NBA - NBA.com: Jr. NBA

Watch Jr. NBA Coach Jeremiah Boswell explain how skipping is a natural progression into layups with the Layup Skip Drill.


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