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Differences of Playing Tennis Indoors and Outdoors | Tennis Gems

The difference of playing tennis indoors and outdoors is the speed, bounce of tennis balls, and weather conditions. Indoor tennis is more comfortable and faster paced. Outdoor tennis is slower and subject to many variables such as wind, heat, the positioning of the sun, and an increased risk of fatigue and heat related illness.

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With indoor tennis, you don’t have to deal with the wind or sun. Courts are flat and smooth with no cracks – a perfect environment to make it just about the competitors. Outdoors is so much different. The ball speed is slower due to the ball picking up dirt and moisture. Wind plays a big part, as well as temperature.

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The bounce height also tends to be lower inside so players need to adapt their technique. Outdoor tennis is more challenging because there are a number of different conditions to deal with. As mentioned the wind can affect both the bounce and the flight of the ball. The sun can be a distraction for players too.

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As the warm weather approaches, many tennis players will take their game from the indoor courts to the outdoor surfaces. After playing indoors for consecutive months, it is easy to get acclimated to the indoor conditions.

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One of the biggest factors that differentiates indoor play from outdoor play is the weather. Weather conditions like rain and wind can make gameplay difficult or even impossible on an outdoor court. Extreme heat and sun will hasten player fatigue.

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Indoor courts also generally tend to play quicker than the outdoor ones and also don't have to worry about the weather conditions which can have quite the impact on the game. For instance, the clay court at the Sao Paolo tournament is the fastest tennis court on the ATP tour because of the altitude.

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Always go for an outdoor table tennis table if you want to keep it in the garage. Typically, indoor table tennis tables need to be played in locations which insulated from excessive cold or heat and that’s something you will usually not get in a garage. There is also a higher chance of the tables catching moisture in a garage than indoors.

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In the outdoor setting, the court may wear quicker due to weather, dirt, traffic, etc. Therefore the outdoor court every year will get faster than the indoor court. This is due to the texture of the court wearing down and the court becoming flatter, smoother, and therefore faster. BUT, many indoor courts.